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Good afternoon my friends, how are you today? I hope and wish with all my heart that all of you are very well, I will bring today in our blog a wonderful pattern, fun and easy to be crocheted, I am absolutely sure that you will enjoy it.

This pattern was requested by our dear reader Beatris Decavatá, I made a point of disclosing it here on our blog, as the effect of this pattern is very beautiful, and because it is easy to be done, I believe it will help that you are just starting in crochet yarn crafts, as it comes with a complete PDF step by step, and very clear illustrative images, which will help a lot for those who are just starting out.

You will be able to follow all the instructions with ease, in the pdf you will have all the details necessary for the production of your piece, this pattern is truly charming, I believe you will fall in love. 

As everyone already knows here, I love to crochet, and crochet has helped me, and has changed me every day, because it is not only a hobby, but also an enchanting therapy, I like to suggest crochet yarn crafts for everyone, men, women, teenagers, the elderly, in short, for all people, because the act of crochet is very good for the body and especially for the mind. We have been experiencing tense and very difficult days in all areas of the world, so using crochet yarn crafts as an occupational therapy has been extraordinary in my life and in the lives of many other people, and if you have a loved one, some friend going through a difficult situation right now, suggest to him, start crochet, crochet is really liberating, a simple gesture can help a lot in someone’s life, so spread the word, I’m sure you can be helping a lot of life today someone today. 

Access The Free Pattern / Hawaiian Flowers 

We have here on our blog all kinds of crochet patterns, which goes from beginner to advanced level, so everyone can start crochet and motivate life to be even better than it already is, after all, we are always evolving here , and we want to help and serve you in whatever we have in our handicraft of crochet yarn.

We wish you all an excellent week, full of motivation to live and overflow with love, full of many and many crochet yarn crafts.

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Share crochet yarn crafts with as many people as you can, let other people know the benefits of crochet, it’s a wonderful occupational therapy, it’s a great act of de-stressing, sometimes just talking to someone about these matters already helps a lot, interact.