Beach Hut – Free Crochet Pattern


Hi loves! What a pleasure to find you here after so long. We’ve been away these days, but we haven’t stopped practicing and looking for new patterns to share with you. We want to know how things were there, did you manage to practice? Thinking about bringing a new pattern, Beach Hut is here to bring you new ideas. You already know that the only way to evolve, improve our crochet, is to keep the practice up to date.

Today’s pattern is very cute, whether to decorate the environment or for the little ones to play with. The house is full of details that make it more delicate and charming. These details make all the difference and you will see that they are not difficult. Have you ever crocheted an amigurumi? The beach hut is not far away. It is the representation of a super cute house. You may notice that the details are quite small, and for that, if you have a little yarn left over from other projects.

To crochet the beach hut you will need the common materials that we use in all crochet projects. Yarn, crochet hook, embroidery needle, fiber fill, scissors, tape. The yarn chosen cannot be too thick, otherwise it will take away all the delicacy of the piece and it will be much bigger. You already know, the thickness of the yarn and the crochet hook greatly interfere with the yarn’s performance.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Crazy Patterns

If you like to crochet and make it a source of extra income, these small pieces are very popular with children. You can assemble kits with other objects, it will be a success. In the pattern you will find the instructions for making the house, the fish and the towel and it is available in Crazy Patterns. Before starting to crochet you should read the complete pattern a first time. So you already clarify doubts that may arise and understand all the stitches that are necessary.

Test them first if you feel insecure. Do it once, undo it, do it again. This is the good thing about crochet, you can test it several times with the same material. Ready to crochet? If you have any doubts, have a suggestion or want to tell us what you think, take advantage of our comments box. We were very happy to have this interaction with you!