Baby Shoes Ivelle in Hooked Somen – Free Pattern


Hello loves, ready to crochet? Our team is always on the lookout for new features, patterns that will excite you and those you like to do the most. Baby patterns are always very successful, it is often the first piece we look for when we want to crochet. How about making Baby Shoes Ivelle in Hooked Somen? It’s a very cute, delicate and classic pattern. Perfect for those who want to start crocheting, who are looking for new pieces to sell, who have a baby in the family.

Looking for a gift to take to a baby shower? Why not an amazing shoe that you can make yourself? So stay here with us to learn. Craftsmanship allows us to have unique and super special pieces. Crochet, for example, is on the rise and has established itself as a favorite of fashion professionals. Moms and future moms know that the world of children’s fashion is really beautiful and you can even get lost among so much cuteness.

However, despite so many beautiful things, baby’s comfort is paramount. And of course you can combine comfort and beauty, an example of this is the crochet baby shoes. To maintain comfort, it is very important to choose quality yarns. Feel it on your skin, see if it’s really soft. Many brands have a special line for babies, hypoallergenic yarns. Another thing you have to worry about is size.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Love Crafts

Make the sole, the first part of the shoe, and measure on the little one’s foot. Was it the right size? Next step. Were you very sure? Do one more round, measure again and then finish the shoe. It’s not difficult, you’ll see. Also, if you are as anxious as I am, this pattern is perfect because you can finish it in the same day. You can combine the shoes with a headband or crochet tiaras for girls.

And even caps or bonnets for the boys. You can add several details too, to make it even cuter. Add pearls, pom poms, bows. Generally for girls we have more options. But always be very careful not to hurt the little ones and make sure it is securely fastened. Go to Love Crafts, learn the baby shoes ivelle and let’s crochet!