Daisy Granny Square – Free Pattern


Hello guys, nice to have you here with us. We are very happy to know that you remember us when it comes to crafts. Our team is always looking for complete patterns, new models and techniques to inspire you to keep creating. I hope you feel welcome here at I Want Crochet and feel all the affection on the other side. Today we want to share Daisy Granny Square with you.

Yes, this classic model has already conquered us and allows us to make the most varied items. Crochet is an opportunity for you to make any clothes you want using just one thread, all you need is a little patience. And many people start crocheting from granny squares. Because they are small patterns, using basic crochet stitches, you can have a good base from this model.

They can be colorful, in pastel tones, gradient tones. Here your imagination can go far and you can assemble beautiful combinations.

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If you are thinking of putting together a piece, be it a bag, cardigan, scarf, sewing between the squares is simple and here on the blog you will find some models that give you basic tips on how to make them. It’s a perfect project for anyone who has leftover yarn too.

Daisy Granny Square // Love Crafts

As much as we always try to buy the right amount of material, a little always ends up being left over and most of the time we don’t know what to do with what’s left. Here is an excellent idea. You can make the squares very colorful and one doesn’t have to be the same as the other, allowing you to make all possible combinations.

The only thing I like to take care of is the thickness of the yarns. I try to keep similar thicknesses so as not to have too much difference in texture and relief in the same square. But that’s pretty personal.

In this pattern, the differential grid is the daisies in the middle of the square. It makes the model even more delicate. With lighter colors, it looks great for making baby items.

   See also this free pattern “Spring Flowers Granny Square”

Come check out the pattern at Love Crafts and, if after reading the pattern, you still have any doubts, let us know in the comments. Let’s make this week even more special, come crochet.