Winter Cabin Table Runner – Free Pattern


Hi everyone, nice to have you here at Crafts Ideas. I hope to find you all well, healthy and eager to learn a new pattern. Here is our time to disconnect from everything and relax a little while doing what we love. Craftsmanship for me is therapy, those are the hours of the day that I set aside to dedicate myself completely to this art.

In addition to relaxing, you know you are exercising your brain, only positive results. But what up, tell me how your week has been? Developing a special project? Here on the blog you will find many creative, colorful ideas and useful items for our daily lives. If you want to renew the decoration of an environment, living room, bedroom, how about investing in a new table runner?

Today we are going to show you the Winter Cabin, a very beautiful and simple model to make. To assemble the table runners, we can play with the choice of fabric colors. Here we can see that the print predominates the choice of colors.

   See also this free pattern “Modern Poinsettia Table Runner”

After defining the theme, we choose the colors that are usually already in the print. This is a simple and very useful tip for those who are just starting out in this world.

Winter Cabin // All People Quilt

Many times we are afraid to match, we don’t know if it will look good, but doing it that way, there’s no mistake. The winter cabin is easy to make but it will take some patience. There are many cuts in strips and you will have to sew each one of them together to form these smaller blocks that fill the center of the table runner.

The first one is always harder to do, you’ll need to check the pattern a few times. On the second one, it gets easier and then just follow the same step by step.

You can do it calmly, a few blocks a day. Don’t be in such a hurry to finish, enjoy these moments. Following the measurements that are described, in the end you will have a table runner of approximately 16-1⁄2×40-1⁄2″.

   See also this free pattern “Modern Poinsettia Table Runner”

If you need other measurements, change the number of blocks and not the measurement of the strips. It’s much easier to do this way. Let me know what you think in the comments. So, how about we start this beautiful table runner today?