Nordic Delight Quilt – Free Pattern


Hi my loves! Good to see you here again. Every time we find a new pattern, like it and try it out, we look forward to sharing it with you. And you, are you also waiting for us to show up here? We hope so. Today we are going to learn a new quilt, Nordic Delight. An incredible quilt, made with only two colors and without any pattern. There are quilts of all types and fabrics that make a big difference. 

For those who like more patterned quilts, you can also adapt and choose other fabrics. And here on the site you will also find other models. Here we will bring some tips that can be very useful for those who are starting. Even if this is not your case, if you already have a lot of practice, some tips here can help you too. It is very important to use an accurate ¼” seam. 

Even an 1/8” off of a seam allowance can really compound and add up quickly making your quilt either too big or too small. Nobody wants a little thing like seam allowance to ruin their project. Use the ¼” presser foot. Nowadays most sewing machines come with one but if yours did not, you can easily purchase one separately. It’s tempting to go to your local quilt shop or online to purchase a bunch of gadgets and fabric, but you don’t need to invest a small fortune initially. 

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: All People Quilt

And you don’t need to buy a fancy quilting machine to make gorgeous quilts. You can purchase a rotary cutter, cutting mat, reliable sewing machine, scissors, thread, and just enough fabric for your first project. Buying too much fabric or too many gadgets can make you feel overwhelmed. When choosing fabrics, you don’t need to buy the most expensive ones in the store, but look for quality materials. It can be tempting to purchase cheaper fabrics that aren’t 100% cotton, but they won’t last as long as 100% quilting cotton will. 

And after choosing fabrics, we always recommend washing them before starting anything. If the fabric shrinks or bleeds on the first wash, it won’t harm your quilt. Ready to quilt? Nordic Delight pattern is available at All People Quilt, with all instructions, measurements and diagrams. It’s not a difficult pattern to make and the result is incredible. Ready? Let’s quilt!