Baby Cardigan and Hat Set – Free Pattern


Hi beloved! Ready for a week of many incredible patterns? Stay here with us as our team has selected beautiful models to inspire you and encourage you to continue with your incredible art. And to start the week, let’s make a beautiful set for the little ones. The Baby Cardigan and Hat Set is very cute, with different textures and stitches, you can see the delicacy of the piece in each round. 

When we talk about baby clothes, crocheting is one of the first techniques that come to mind. Many moms learned to crochet when they were pregnant, making shoes for the little ones. Crochet gives us pieces that last for a long time, that don’t cost much and that make our little ones cozy. In addition to being soft and very malleable, the clothes do not restrict their movements, allowing them to move without any discomfort.

To make this set, you will need the basic crochet materials: crochet hook, yarn, yarn needle, scissors and buttons. What should catch your attention is the choice of yarn. Babies are more sensitive than us, so they ask for a softer yarn, without rough details that irritate the skin. We have many options in stores, but the antiallergic ones are the most suitable. You already know that the crochet hook depends a lot on the yarn chosen.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: KAME Crochet

Each one comes with the manufacturer’s recommendation and, to have a performance similar to what was promised, the best choice is to use the same numbering. As for the buttons, choose smooth ones that don’t have details that could hurt the little one. For a warmer cardigan, thick yarns are best. The hat is an indispensable piece on the coldest days. For us adults, it may not make much difference, but for little ones it does. To warm up their little head, you can choose the same yarn, or make it with a similar tone. 

Pay attention to the size so that it doesn’t pinch their hair or cause any discomfort. In the pattern, the yarn chosen is already all colored and causes this beautiful effect on the final fur. It’s more of an idea, an option for you. If you are thinking about starting to sell, invest in this type of set. Baby items are always in demand and sell very well. Come see the baby cardigan and hat set pattern in KAME Crochet and then tell us what you think here in the comments.