Love Crochet Blanket – Free Pattern


Hello my loves! How are you? We hope to find you all well and excited to spend another week together, learning beautiful patterns. Crochet blankets are already part of our daily lives and, for many people, it was their first contact with this technique. The Love Crochet Blanket arrives to complement the decoration of a new environment, with vibrant colors and a charming design. 

The crochet blanket is one of the most popular and easy items to find in homes. This is true for a number of reasons, above all because this is a cheap product, and it is even possible to make it at home with the help of a few tools, and it is also very versatile, with many uses. You can do it for babies, bringing comfort and warmth to the little ones with a very warm blanket. 

The same goes for the crochet blanket for the sofa, which is often used as a cover matching the pillows, in order to prevent the fabric from getting dirty during use, which also applies to the armchairs. The love crochet blanket has a slightly more childlike design and looks great in their bedroom decor. You can throw it completely on the bed and at bedtime just throw the blanket over it and warm up.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Crazy Patterns

For this type of use, the ideal thing is that you choose a blanket the appropriate size for your bed, that is, a single bed asks for a blanket of smaller measures, while a double bed asks for a large crochet blanket, capable of to take care of covering the bed and covering two people. Following the pattern, at the end you will have a 46” x 29”/ 117 x 74 cm blanket. As we have a design in the middle of the blanket, to adapt the measurements you need, increase or decrease the rounds after the heart is already formed. 

It’s the easiest way to do it without having to change the entire graphic of the part. Crocheting is a technique that does not require many materials. For this blanket you will need yarn, crochet hook and scissors. It is always good to remember that the thickness of the yarn determines the size of the crochet hook. In general, it works something like this: thick yarn with a thick needle and thin yarn with a fine needle. Come check out the step by step in Crazy Patterns and let’s crochet!