Barbie crochet dresses and bag


Good night my dear friends, how have you been these days, how are you? I hope everything is going well, that your life is in full swing of peace and prosperity.

Today I come to bring a very creative crochet and especially for us women, a little challenging, because I’m sure that when you crochet this pattern you will have some childhood memories, and that will bring a lot of motivation during the work.

Well, it’s a simple pattern but with a very specific description, I’m sure you will have fun crocheting it. Because you will be able to do it with the color of your preference and daring, because in crochet we can only lack creativity in abundance. 

I want to tell you follower that I am very satisfied with your participation here on the blog, as it is a real challenge to find crochet patterns that fall in the special taste of each one of you, so your interaction with the blog, leaves the job each increasingly challenging and motivating. I am a crochetwoman with a passion for crafts, I believe that through manual work we develop a much higher conguinitive capacity, making our daily activities become more productive and interesting every day.

It is already scientifically proven that crochet has been of great value for occupational therapy, helping thousands of people around the world, and I make a point of collaborating with my best, as I am here to serve you in relation to our darling crochet . Therefore, your opinion, suggestion or constructive criticism is very valuable to me.

With each completed project we become a little better crochet hook, but not only in the scope of crochet, but also as more advanced human beings, because during the crochet of a project, a new challenge arises during the day, after all not only crochet is done today, crochet is just a joyful stitch in some moments of our routines.

So my dear crochet girls, count on me for whatever you need in crochet projects, here on the blog, you found several projects, so the important thing is to start, dare, create, develop your stitch, your art, allow yourself to be creative , I count on all of you for the continuation of this dear work.

Access The Full Pattern / Barbie crochet dresses and bag 

I wish you all an excellent week, full of positive energies, and especially many crochets!

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Share crochet yarn crafts with as many people as you can, let others know how great and good it is to crochet, empathize and make more people happy!