Basic Granny Square Blanket


Good afternoon, my beloved followers, I hope you are prepared for this beauty that I will leave here for you today, a true crochet classic, yes, this pattern cannot be missed by any crochet girl, whatever the level of her crochet handling, I ‘m sure you will really enjoy it.

I’m talking about a real classic, a Basic Granny Square Blanket, this pattern is undoubtedly my favorite, and I’m sure it’s the favorite of many of you too, with this complete and free walkthrough, you can make it look beautiful and perfect Granny Square of your life, this pattern is delicious to be crocheted and with it you can create several pieces of different colors and lines, just use a little bit of your creativity, and especially have fun crochet it.

Because it is a classic piece, you can dare in colors or in mixed lines, there are also those who like to change the needle, which also makes the piece more showy, so you must do it according to your tastes and desires,

this pattern comes with color suggestions and everything, but feel free to create new pieces and be sure to share with us, we love to see your projects.

This piece is ideal for giving a loved one a gift, because because it is such a versatile piece, you can give it to any gender, I’m sure you both will be amazed by it.

I love making crochet blanket to give to the family, and they love to win, and of course, I leave a memory of affection to stay in their life story, and with a simple gesture I show all the love and affection I have for the person, because we know that crochet is an extremely exclusive piece, it never looks like one piece from the other, showing then to the person who receives the gift, how special it is for you.

I often say that gifting a piece of crochet is truly a declaration of love, as everyone has time to crochet, some people do it quickly, others take a little longer, and this makes the person present think how much he is valued , I am in love, and of course you are tired of knowing that. 

Access The Free Pattern / Basic Granny Square Blanket


This pattern is very diverse, with images of different colors for you to be inspired, so never forget, have fun while crocheting.

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We wish you all an excellent week, full of unmeasured blessings in your home, lots of health, peace, prosperity and especially several crochet patterns.