COPENHAGEN PILLOW. Hello my dear followers, today I make available to our blog Iwant Crochet another beautiful step by step pillow, I think you will like it a lot, because it is a classic piece and this one in particular is very easy to be crocheted.

The walkthrough of  COPENHAGEN PILLOW is very complete, with description, clear illustrative images, suggested colors, threads and needles, everything to facilitate and inspire you to start another beautiful piece of crochet yarn crafts, it’s level easy, so everyone can do it without fear.

COPENHAGEN PILLOW is a classic of crochet, as pillows are much in demand here on our blog, that’s why we made a point of sharing this pattern with everyone else, after all, those who don’t like to decorate their home with creative pieces, Is not it?! And this particular pattern can be made in different colors, you can be bold in combinations, after all we know that the more daring your crochet projects are, the more valued they will be, so a good craftsman always needs to extract the most from his creativity to each project.

As many of you already know, all Iwant Crochet blog contributors are volunteers, so sometimes we are not so quick to deliver all the patterns you ask us for, but as soon as possible, we make them available here for you, this is the case for this one COPENHAGEN PILLOW pattern.

We’ve wanted to leave it for you here for some time, but we hadn’t finished the pilot project yet, and now, after the pattern is finished, we made sure to make it available here with all the details for you, so you can start your piece right now, because the step by step is very complete.

If you are arriving at ours for the first time, and you are a beginner in the act of crochet, please feel very comfortable with us, the blog Iwant Crochet is only intended to spread to as many people as possible the craft of crochet yarn , because we love crochet, this is our favorite hobby, crochet is really part of our lives and who we are, so we have all possible pattern levels available here, and if you allow yourself to browse the blog a little bit, you will find one pattern that fits exactly into your current crocheter profile, as we have easy, intermediate, advanced and professional level, just preview.

Crochet yarn craft is an excellent occupational therapy, the act of crochet brings us an extraordinary well-being, and that’s why we made such a point of emphasizing with you that you have this habit and that you motivate other people to also crochet like you, so that other people are also benefited and impacted by this craft that has truly changed lives, so be motivated by our entire team to start and continue crocheting with us, the word that has defined our team is gratitude.

Learn below how to make COPENHAGEN PILLOW:

Access the free standard/ COPENHAGEN PILLOW

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We wish you all an excellent week, full of peace and prosperity in your homes, showered with love and happiness, that you can especially have more quality time to be able to make the most beautiful and creative patterns of crochet yarn crafts.
With great affection, Iwant Crochet.