Fabric Origami Pouch – Free Pattern


Hey loves! Ready to learn a new project? I hope all is well out there and that you are enjoying these first few days of the year. Still on vacation, traveling with the family? This time is very important. So good to be able to rest for a few days, get out of the routine. But getting back to activities is also very important. And if you’re thinking of getting back into sewing projects, why not learn how to Fabric Origami Pouch.

Yes, a beautiful bag made with different fabrics and an origami that shows the two prints. It’s an incredible detail and very different from anything I’ve seen, I think that’s why it caught my attention. Can you believe we can make origami out of fabric? I had not heard of this until I saw this pattern. And best of all, it looks very difficult, but it’s not. These pouches are amazing and very useful.

They serve to store the most diverse objects. And I don’t know if this goes for you too, but it seems like there’s always more stuff to keep. You can separate hair accessories, cosmetics, makeup. When traveling, they are essential, they make the suitcase more organized and the chances of forgetting something decrease. When choosing fabrics, keep in mind that the contrast between colors is very important.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: The Crafty Quilter

If you choose similar colors, the origami will not appear and the whole step by step will not be highlighted. You can choose a printed fabric and the other with one of the colors of that fabric. And you don’t need a lot of fabric either, so already separate the patchwork box. There are many details that you can add and customize your own pouch. A different ribbon, a rope, pompoms, there are many ideas.

And besides that you can make different sizes. All this is well explained in the pattern that is available in The Crafty Quilter. With the right measures, you follow the same step by step and have this beautiful result. You will have access to the photos and video tutorial of the fabric origami pouch. See it a first time and then follow the instructions to make your own. Come on, let’s do this beautiful project together.