Face Mask Pattern – An Amazing Tutorial


Hello everyone! Another day, another amazing pattern to share with you. I hope to find you all well, taking advantage of these first days to plan the next few days. Do you also like to plan the week, the month? Set new goals? For me, this is the best way to keep myself motivated and in action. Among the goals, a lot of craftsmanship is between. Among them, I wanted to perfect the Face Mask I learned.

In this new pattern you will learn all the details of this accessory that was so important to us. We know that protection is fundamental for everyone, but it is important to remember that many professionals need to wear masks in their duties, and nothing is fairer than making our own at home, leaving them ready for their easy access.

With a few basic items you can make your own mask and you can be more relaxed about your health. Make it for you and your whole family in an easy and sustainable way. After all, if well cleaned and cared for, it can be used for a long time. As they are small pieces, we don’t need a lot of material. If you’re already used to sewing, you’ve already made some pieces, there must be some scraps out there. You can take the opportunity to test and see how the final result is.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: The Crafty Quilter

For masks, if the fabric is a little thicker, the mark will be better. Thicker fabrics give more structure and feel a little more secure, despite making breathing a little more difficult. Do you feel it too? I no longer feel difficulty breathing with the mask as I felt at the beginning. With fabric masks, it was easier to include children and make sure they have protection. You can suggest or let them choose which print they want, which color to match.

Letting them participate in this moment also only makes them closer to us and more informed. As for the sizes, you can measure on your face and check if the measurements of the pattern fit you too. Shall we start this beautiful project? Check out the pattern available at The Crafty Quilter. There you will find all the step by step to make the face mask and valuable tips. Come, let’s start this year in the best way possible, making art!