Faux Braid Pattern


Hello my lovely friends from I Want Crochet, how are you today? I hope this post finds you well and healthy. I know we have been missing around here for the last few weeks. Sometimes, we have some unexpected things happening in our lives. And, I do not think this is a big problem, the important part is to rise up and be back.

As for our project today, I present to you the Faux Braid Pattern. This is a fairly easy pattern, so if you have more advanced skills, do not worry. You can go two ways, either you enjoy this and use the crafts only for relaxing purposes, ending up with a beautiful piece. Or you can browse through our dear blog, searching for other projects that will challenge more.

You know that here, we love to keep this blog full of brand new and exciting ideas. Crafts are useful in so many ways. You can start in the crafts world because it is a nice therapeutic option to get rid of anxiety and be productive. 

You may try crafts as a way to earn some extra money. Crafts are a good way to make that extra money you are needing. They require a low amount of investment and you can even save some, when using leftovers you may have from other projects. Crafts not only avoid the waste, but also make profit out of it.

Today’s project is this faux braid. Faux means false in French. So, as the final result, you will have a braid effect, without braiding any fabric indeed. This is an easy pattern and the tutorial we brought to you is very detailed, showing each step of the process. 

Do you think this faux braid is for you? So give it a try, here at Vroomans Quilts, you can find a careful set tutorial to guide you through the making process and make this production even easier. I am sure you are going to enjoy it! Have a great Wednesday, see you in our next post, bye-bye.