Harmony Quilt Block – Free Pattern


Hey everyone! Looking for a project for this week? How about sewing a little and making this beautiful quilt block? Harmony is like that, a beautiful and colorful block quilt. Of course, this depends on the prints and colors chosen, but following the model it looks like this, incredible. Sewing is an art and often therapy for those who practice it. I like to take a few minutes every day.

Even more if the day at work was stressful, nothing better than relaxing a little. And I find that in crafts. Does it work that way for you too? Sometimes I don’t even sew anything, I just choose the next pattern, look at the fabrics I have and what I’ll need to buy. I’m already inspired, excited and forget about some problems. Following the pattern, several pieces need to be cut.

Doing everything in stages is very important and often saves time. Separate the materials and make the appointments. To avoid any stains that may appear, do this on the wrong side of the fabric and always choose markers with washable ink. Then it’s time to start cutting. Always start with the biggest pieces. If something happens, you can reuse the same scrap for smaller cuts. Take it easy on this part, even if you’ve had a lot of practice.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Generations Quilt Pattern

If you need to check the measurements more than once, do so. Don’t consider it a waste of time, do as you see fit. After finishing all the cuts, I like to assemble the block quilt to imagine how it will look in the end. If something doesn’t match, there’s still time to change it and make new cuts so you don’t have to go to all the trouble of undoing the stitching. But nothing to discard, keep all the scraps, you will see how useful they can be in new projects.

In the beginning it may seem difficult to combine the block quilt, because it is not a big piece. You can use them as a center piece, pillow cover, pot holder. Sewing several, we have a beautiful table runner and with many, a quilt. Let’s start? We separate the pattern from the harmony quilt block available in Generations Quilt Pattern. We hope you enjoy and take advantage of this model to create beautiful pieces. Then come back and tell us, I want to know what you’re up to.