Sunbonnet Sue Quilt Block Pattern


Hey sweeties! Today we want to bring more information and a pattern of a new technique that has been requested a lot by you here in the comments. The embroidery brings delicacy and very incredible details to each piece. Like the beautiful Sunbonnet Sue Quilt Block. Yes, this super cute little doll. Embroideries like this are perfect for you to put together a beautiful trousseau. This is one of the thousands of pieces that embroidery allows you to create.

Embroidery is an artistic technique that dates back centuries of tradition in the world. Currently, many people have invested their time in this activity as a hobby or to generate income, creating an art full of creativity and a lot of inspiration that has already conquered social networks. Who never looked, for example, at a beautiful embroidery on Instagram or Pinterest and only later realized that they spent a long time admiring so many DIYs and dreaming of making one of their own?

For those of you who are curious to learn a little more about this universe of embroidery, we will show you the difference between hand and machine embroidery and talk about some common points found in these two types of work. There are several types of embroidery stitches. You can make this technique by hand or by machine. Hand stitches have a more artisanal finish and you can use them in customizations and fully personalized finishes.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Tattered Stitch Embroideries

On the other hand, machine stitches are more precise and fixed, as the machine has some pre-programmed stitches. But still, those who choose it need to know how to handle it. Usually the elaboration time is different in relation to hand embroidery. This is one of the things that most make the difference between hand and machine embroidery. The pattern that we separate here is a machine embroidery. Here the most common stitches are backstitch, satin stitch, zig-zag, and tatami or tinted.

Do you know these points? Do you use another one? With machine embroidery, we need to know how to work in the system of each one of them to program the embroideries. As there are many different ones, it is difficult to pass general rules here. But as for the sue sunbonnet, you can find the pattern at Tattered Stitch Embroideries. Have you thought what piece to make? Quilt, embroider a towel? Come tell us here in the comments!