Good afternoon my dear crochet girls, it is with great affection that I come today to give you one more beautiful crochet stitch, today’s stitch is cute, full of creativity, I liked it a lot.

With this point you will be able to do several crochet projects, just use your creativity, you can make rugs, napkins, bedspreads, blankets, towel nozzles and whatever else you want to dare.

I found it interesting because it is a hollow point, so it is easy to crochet and also practical for those who want to do something big, because the work is more profitable. I also think it’s cool, to use a mixed line, it should give an air of modernity to the piece. But as I always say the combination of colors must come from you, in fact the project is yours. 

It is a very beautiful stitch, and easy to be crocheted, it is not seen on any blog, so I made a point of saving it for you.

I always like to welcome beginners crochet artists, you are very welcome here, I want you to know that you can count on me for any questions regarding crochet patterns, leave in the comments that I make a point of answering them, this blog is made for you who are starting to crochet, it is made for you who are already a handful crochet man, it is also made for you who are professional craftsmen and also for you who are a weekend crochet man, that beloved hobby. My role here is to serve them in the best possible way, I am a passionate crochet artist and I love to share with everyone ideas about this wonderful yarn craft.

Therefore, every comment, suggestion or even constructive criticism is of great value to me, I love to be interacting with the crochet workers on duty.


The art of crochet makes us have more focus, discipline and constancy, not only in crochet, but also in everyday life, as the crochet is better with each finished project. Always dare, do it your way, the patterns only serve to give you a north and help open your mind to creativity. The more you crochet, the better you get, and your patterns don’t even talk, count on me, I’ll be here for whatever you need.
I wish you all an excellent week, full of crochets. A big hug and until the next post.

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Share crochet yarn crafts with as many people as you can, let others know how great and good it is to crochet, empathize and make more people happy!