Mandala Floor Rug


Good afternoon my dear friends, how are you today? I truly hope that you are doing very well, as everyone knows I love to crochet, and for me this hobby is intense, it is with the crochet thread crafts that I make my biggest dreams come true.

It is true that this craft has been growing rapidly, numerous and worldwide, crochet has been recognized in a broad and mainly modern way, as patterns have been reinvented every day, bringing a new audience, today crochets are very well regarded by architects for the decoration of commercial and domestic environments, and with this we who love to crochet are greatly benefited.

Crochet came into my life at a very delicate moment, I was going through a deep depression, and seeking help from professionals, I came across occupational therapy in yarn crafts, and crochet won me over, which is why I am so excited about report crochet projects to you here on the blog. 

This blog is made with a lot of love, affection and respect to all followers, because through it I expose these beautiful crochet patterns. And for this work to become more and more viable, I really need everyone’s collaboration, because it is through your interaction that I can compose in a pleasant way the patterns and step by step that you would like to see here.

So, be sure to share your opinions, suggestions and even constructive criticisms, as this blog is made for you and with you, since I am already very grateful for everyone’s participation.

But today the step by step I leave here is completely free, easy to be crocheted and very fun, it is an exclusive pattern and full of charm, I’m sure everyone will like it very much. 

Access The Free Pattern / Mandala Floor Rug

This pattern comes with a color suggestion, but you can make any color you want, I always like to emphasize that what matters most is your boldness in creating new patterns and diversifying in colors. All the patterns I leave here on the blog are experienced by me or people close to me, so you can rest assured that the step by step is complete and true. This one in particular is one of my favorites, as I like to do it as gifts for loved ones.

If you liked this project and would like to know more about crochet, access the other patterns below:

We wish you all an excellent week, full of unmeasured blessings in your home, lots of health, peace, prosperity and especially several crochet patterns. A big hug and until the next post.