Paradise Bay Panel Quilt – Free Pattern


Hi my loves! What a pleasure to meet you once again. It’s been a few days since we’ve been apart, but we’re still here, making beautiful patterns. I really want to hear from you, what are you doing out there? Here we are in the quilts, making beautiful models that are coming out a lot. At this time, many want items to give as gifts, and quilts are a great option. That’s why we want to show you the Paradise Bay Panel Quilt.

A very beautiful model, classic, with dark colors that make the piece even more elegant. Quilts have a guaranteed space in our homes. They can be used from decorative items such as a cover for cooler days. Decorate from our bedroom, living room, to offices and open environments. It is this versatility that makes our creativity go further and further and create more incredible pieces. 

Thinking of a different place, with a different decoration, the colors, prints and formats of the quilt are adapted to fit more harmoniously. Over time you’ll see that it gets easier and easier to make these combinations. And about quilting, do you already know the basic tips that we always have to remember? Even with practice, doing it for a long time, there are steps that if we miss it, make all the difference in the final quilt. 

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: My Favorite Quilt Store

If the pattern has many appliqués, many pieces, using pins may become impracticable. Pinning is time consuming and sometimes unreliable. By using water-soluble glue, you can line up your pieces precisely and quickly. When finished, just wash your quilt and the glue will be gone. You can use pressing sheets to iron fabrics together, which will also wash out afterwards. If you still don’t quilt but want to start, invest in really necessary materials. 

A quilting companion that I absolutely do not let go of is the rotary cutter. Scissors aren’t always the best tool for cutting fabric. Get a rotary cutter to make trimming quilts faster. It’s not too expensive and worth every penny invested, believe me. How about we go to the pattern? You will find all paradise bay panel quilt instructions at My Favorite Quilt Store. Cutting, sewing, materials, and step-by-step instructions are there and will guide you through the entire project. Was there any doubt? You know you can tell us here in the comments too. So, do you have any tips to share? Tell us!