Christmas Greenery Wall Quilt Pattern


Hey loves! How happy to find you here. We are always learning new patterns and everything that is amazing, we separate to share with you. We hope you are enjoying it. That’s why we count on your feedback. Today we bring you a model in the holiday mood I’m most looking forward to, the Christmas Greenery Wall Quilt. In Christmas tones, this quilt arrives to make your home even more ready for a date like this. 

We are so used to using quilts on the beds, on the sofa, that we end up forgetting that they are also amazing in the decoration of the walls. And there are many advantages of having a piece like this in your home. You don’t need to drill any walls, it doesn’t stain and, whenever you want, it’s easy to change. Today’s pattern is dedicated to you who already feel the Christmas mood coming. 

Cities are already starting to gain new decorations, friends are already starting to combine the menu and where they will meet. I love this feeling. We try to thank and hold on to the good times we live. And a lot of that we declare in our decoration. When we dedicate ourselves to doing, everything takes on a different feeling. But you can also take the opportunity to sell and have that extra income at the end of the year. 

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: All People Quilt

Themed pieces sell more easily. Make the first one, send it to your friends and, little by little, you will see how everyone will already know about the beautiful pieces you make. For the greenery wall hanging, you will need the basic quilt materials. Fabric, pins, thread, scissors, sewing machine. You can always add some details, ribbons, pom poms, glitter. Enjoy that the pattern refers to garlands and abuse your creativity. 

The christmas greenery wall quilt pattern is available at All People Quilt. There you will find all the cutting and sewing instructions, measurements, and assembly diagrams. If necessary, measure twice before cutting. Better to spend more time like that than figuring out how to retrieve a wrongly cut piece of fabric. Following the step by step, in the end you will have a 26-1/2″ square wall quilt. Let’s go? Tell us what you think and, if you have any doubts, let us know here in the comments.