Peppermint Puff Baby Blanket – Free Pattern


Hi my loves! Good to see you here again. We are very happy with your company, it motivates us and encourages us to continue testing so many beautiful things. And we are very happy when you tell us what you think, how you will decorate, what environment will receive this beautiful piece. And to complement the little ones’ room, let’s learn how to make the Peppermint Puff Baby Blanket. Look how beautiful this pattern is. It’s a simple model, but that’s not why it’s not amazing. 

Super delicate, with a different stitch that adds another detail to the piece. In addition to the colors and yarn chosen. The arrival of a baby in the family is something very remarkable. Therefore, the trousseau is prepared with great care. One of the main items that can’t be missed at this moment is a blanket, to warm up and bring comfort to the little ones. A crochet baby blanket can be a good option. With yarn and needle, you can make beautiful baby blankets. 

The crochet blanket is one of the most popular models on the market. Precisely because many associate its use with children’s room decor. Its use, however, is varied. It is common, for example, that many use the crochet baby blanket as a blanket and also as a lining for children’s seats used in cars or even in the crib, a smart way to take advantage of the properties of the piece. 

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Love Crafts

The interesting thing about the crochet baby blanket is also the fact that it is a model that helps the child sleep, since its fabric is usually very soft and comfortable. This is especially true if you choose quality materials for the production of the blanket. Anti-allergenic and very soft yarns, which is the most comfortable and suitable for the blanket being used as a blanket. Knowing how to crochet a blanket is a knowledge that many wish to have. 

After all, having such an advantageous piece at home and on top of that with an authorial touch is something beyond interesting. Come learn how to make the Peppermint Puff Baby Blanket with us. The complete pattern is here at Love Crafts. You can download it and keep it with you forever to check it out and remember any steps. But only start crocheting after you read the pattern to avoid stopping in the middle of the crochet. If you have any doubts, come back here and ask us. We want to know how it went. Now, let’s crochet!