Deck the Wall – Free Pattern


Hey loves! We are starting another week and another month is coming to an end. In fact, the year is ending, do you believe it? We didn’t even see it through here, but when we see all the new patterns we’ve learned, we realize that we didn’t waste time. So good to see our results, we were very happy and proud. But do you think it’s over? No, we still have beautiful ideas to share with you. Deck the Wall is one of those. Another model to get you in the Christmas mood. 

This date is so happy and important. It is impossible not to be infected by all this. The city is more beautiful, the houses are more decorated, the people are more excited too. And for decoration, if you can complement it with items you make yourself, even better. If you have already started preparing for the holidays, know that it is possible to develop a beautiful and inexpensive Christmas quilt wall. 

The Christmas decoration on the wall is perfect for those who have little space at home, but still don’t give up celebrating this special date. Christmas decorations on the wall have been around for a long time. But, for some time now, they have been gaining even more prominence, mainly because of the reduced size of current housing. Nowadays, it can be complicated to place a Christmas tree and its thousands of decorations inside an apartment room. 

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: All People Quilt

Therefore, wall decorations became popular and proved to be a very interesting alternative to traditional decorations. Another good reason to bet on Christmas decorations on the wall is that the decorations are very easy to make and, best of all, they cost very little. This possibility of making the decoration in a DIY style also allows you to customize the decorations with the colors, materials and shapes you want, thus making your Christmas decoration even more unique and original. 

The Christmas decoration on the wall has also proved to be a modern and funky option. And deck the wall is an incredible option for you to learn. Come check out the step by step, the materials and all the measures. If you have any doubts after the All People Quilt, you know you can count on us. Tell everything here in the comments that we are watching and we will help you.