Royal Plume Quilt – Free Pattern


Hi my loves! One more day with you, to learn an incredible pattern, the Royal Plume Quilt. They say that a day we learn nothing is a day wasted. So stay here with us to learn a new quilt, a new combination. If you still don’t know the technique or already have a lot of practice, it’s worth following us. Even if you are not very fond of the colors, the pattern, always try to open up the pattern. Sometimes you find tips that can help you with other quilts as well. 

There are some tips that we learn and think about, how did I not know this before? It would have helped me with many patterns. That’s why we want to share some basic tips that I hope will help you on a daily basis. Seam allowance refers to the area between the stitching and raw, cut edge of the fabric. The seam allowance is an important part of a seam and is usually unseen, inside the garment. A seam allowance also contributes to how a garment hangs so changing the seam allowance can change how the finished garment will hang. 

An altered seam allowance can also affect how pockets that are inset in a seam fit together. Accuracy is important on all levels and it starts at basic seam allowances. Almost all quilt patterns are written with a quarter of an inch seam allowance in mind. When you take two pieces of fabric and get ready to sew them together, you must sew them exactly a quarter of an inch away from the edge of the fabric.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: My Favorite Quilt Store

A seam finish is an important part of the seam allowance. A seam finish will prevent the seam allowance from fraying and vanishing in the laundry. Your piecing accuracy will improve immediately when you take a bit of time to press your quilt blocks as you make them. And setting seams before pressing allowances to one side is an excellent way to instantly improve your patchwork. You might think extra pressing will slow you down, but you’ll find that you actually save time when properly pressed quilt blocks fit together just like they should, without grabbing the dreaded seam ripper. 

In this pattern, the print is very striking, with dark colors and you can also change it according to your taste. That’s why quilts are so democratic, different colors make a totally different quilt. And the Royal Plume Quilt pattern is available for you at My Favorite Quilt Store. Come tell us what you think, the tips you usually follow. Let’s quilt!