Patchwork Pines Quilt – Free Pattern


Hey everyone! It’s great to have you here once again. I am very happy to be able to share my experiences and the patterns I learned. I think spaces like this are very important, because they inspire us, they motivate us to make ever more beautiful patterns. And with the help of each one, we form an amazing community. And with Christmas right around the corner, I want to share Patchwork Pines with you. 

A colorful pattern, with very beautiful prints and that makes everything more cheerful. Even more so at this time when everything is already more decorated and asks for all of this. We want to decorate the house and there’s no way not to use a quilt for that. With patchwork pines, a smaller quilt, you can use it in smaller environments. In recent days it has become very common to use quilts on the walls. They look amazing, and because they’re lightweight, you don’t have to drill into the wall or worry about it falling and breaking. 

In addition, it is simple to wash and change the decor whenever you need it. And there are always some tips that make a lot of difference in our quilting. Here we have a beautiful mix of colors and prints. You can see that the colors do not follow the Christmas color palette well. It mixes shades of pink, green, yellow that combine a lot with each other and give a more relaxed touch to the date. 

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: All People Quilt

Understanding color value is just as important as understanding the color wheel, maybe even more so, but it’s essential to learn as much as you can about each of those elements. We all make errors, both technical and in our ​choice of fabrics, but our boo-boos nearly always lead to a better understanding of the quilting process. Adding one or more borders to the edges of a quilt does more than providing an attractive frame for your work. The process offers an excellent opportunity to square up slightly skewed edges. 

We’ve all sewn quilt blocks that aren’t quite accurate. Most often, they’re smaller than they should be, perhaps because we’ve either sewn a slightly large quarter inch seam allowance or haven’t pressed adequately. Don’t feel discouraged if that happens to you, because a high percentage of ‘off’ quilt blocks can be rescued. Ready to get started? The quilt is available at All People Quilt, with diagram, materials list, measurements and cutting and sewing instructions. Come tell us what you think here in the comments, we really want to know. And let’s quilt!