Share The Love Baby Quilt – Free Pattern


Hey loves! What a pleasure to start another year with your company. Hope to find you all well. How did you spend New Year’s Eve? We spent here with the family together, full of love and affection. These dates are always important around here, because we manage to get together and be close to the people we love. But now we have a whole year ahead of us and I’m counting on you to learn a lot of beautiful things together.

Are you ready to start a new pattern? We want to inspire you with Share the Love, a baby quilt. It is such a beautiful and delicate model, full of details that make the piece even more charming. I am more and more delighted with these pieces for the little ones. New ideas, new characters come up all the time, and then we just need to put into practice everything we’ve learned. In this quilt we will work with appliqués. All these details, the doll, the bird, the heart, are appliqués.

Have you ever made a quilt with this technique? If not, stay here with us and all the details will be explained. It won’t be difficult to complete this project. Applique is a French word that refers to the addition of decorative fabric to a larger piece of fabric by sewing or gluing. Applique can be elegant or simple, and it can create realistic, geometric, or abstract designs. Quilting doesn’t require applique, but appliqued quilts can be quite beautiful. To make the appliqués you need to print or copy the template onto a sheet and then iron it onto the fabric.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Just Let Me Quilt

Here you will need a little more skill for cutting and drawing. Test a few times on a sheet of paper and then transfer to fabric. I always advise you to print the drawing and move it to the next sheet. With a quilt made of appliqués, you can test the position of the appliqués a few times before gluing and finishing the quilt. Use a little creativity, you don’t need to put it in exactly the same place. You can make more birds, more colorful, arrange them along the quilt. It’s going to be amazing, you’ll see.

In addition to the quilt, you can take advantage and create other pieces to complement the decor. Just put one of the appliqués on the pillow covers and you already have more pieces with the same theme, share the love. Come learn all this and more at Just Let Me Quilt. If you have any questions after reading the pattern, let us know in the comments. We want to know what else you want to learn too. Let’s share ideas and make this year even more amazing.