Mammoth Flannel Simple Square Quilt


Hi everybody! Another day together to learn another beautiful pattern. I know that sometimes we don’t have time to do everything we bring here, but you ask for different suggestions and we want to respond to everyone. A simple but very beautiful model is the Mammoth Flannel Simple Square Quilt. People often say that quilts like this are perfect for beginners, but anyone who wants to make them. In the instructions you will find all the tips and steps to guide you through the entire project. 

And here is an idea of ​​colors and combinations too, it leaves you free to combine and create different designs. Here, as the name implies, you will need flannel to make this quilt. This fabric is thicker, perfect for colder days. Just be careful when sewing on the overlaps. You need a strong needle that can handle the thickness of the fabric. Flannel is a very soft fabric that can vary in thickness. It is widely used in the manufacture of clothing and household items, such as bed sheets, nightwear and towels. 

Originally, it was produced with carded wool, however, nowadays it can also be made with other raw materials, such as synthetic fiber and cotton. You can choose to buy the ready-made fabric, the squares already cut to the right sizes, or buy the footage and make these cutouts. These decisions depend very much on each one. I like all the processes, choosing the fabric, marking the sizes, cutting and finally sewing. 

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: My Favorite Quilt Store

If you don’t have much affinity, you don’t like the cutting step and you can pay a little more, if that’s the case, invest in pre-cuts. They really speed up the process, but the result is very similar, if not the same. If you choose to make the cuts with the rotary cut, be sure to take it slow. I’ve heard some pretty gruesome stories of quilter’s going too fast and slicing a chunk of their fingertip off. Also, if you are using a ruler, keep your blade against the ruler’s edge and be sure not to stray. Going slow will help you to keep your cuts straight and neat. 

Not all needles are created equal, and some needles are better suited for quilting than others. Be sure to read the packaging of the different needles you’re considering to ensure they work with your machine and are suitable for your projects. Let’s start? Check out the mammoth flannel simple square pattern available at My Favorite Quilt Store. Then come back here and tell me what you think, I really like to know how you did it, how this pattern inspired you and brought you new ideas.