Shell Stitch Blanket


Shell Stitch Blanket, hello my beloved crochet hooks on duty, how are you feeling today? We hope that all of you are wonderfully well, as we will leave here on the blog Iwant Crochet another beautiful work of art of crochet yarn, a classic pattern, we believe that you will enjoy the beast.

This pattern is very cute, delicate, and easy to make, as they are repetitive crochet stitches, but very creative, giving a more elaborate look to the blanket, it comes with a very clarifying PDF step by step, with suggested colors, lines and needle, very clear illustrative images, everything to facilitate your learning, I believe you will take the letter to make this crochet blanket.

Here on our Iwant Crochet blog, we have different levels of crochet, beginner, intermediate, advanced and professional, but we want to emphasize to all of you that this blog has the intention of spreading crochet yarn crafts to as many people as possible we also welcome the beginners in this craft with great affection, as we crochet artists want to interact and express all the benefits that crochet yarn crafts have added to our lives.

For those who are arriving now on our blog, visiting us for the first time, feel free to share your pattern wishes with us, we are always looking for new ideas.

This pattern in particular is a classic of crochet yarn crafts, there were countless messages asking for this pattern, and we made a point of testing it before leaving it here on our blog, available to all of you, and believe me, this is a unique and very useful project, as it is easy, fast and economical to make, and of course, an excellent gift suggestion, after all, who wouldn’t want to win a charming gift like this, right ?!

Here’s how to make Shell Stitch Blanket:

Access The Free Pattern / Shell Stitch Blanket

It is also a tip here, for those who sell crochet yarn crafts, this piece for being a classic is very sold, so we suggest you have in your collections, of different colors, both classic colors, as well as colorful, because it is a piece very salable, great for prompt delivery, we are sure your customers will love it.

If you liked this pattern and want to see some more creative ideas for crochet yarn crafts, below we will leave you some more beautiful souvenirs for you to have fun:

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We wish you all an excellent week, full of unparalleled blessings in your homes, showered with peace that exceeds all understanding, prosperity in all areas of your life, and especially many lines and willingness to start yet another beautiful yarn craft project crochet.
With love, Iwant Crochet!