Embroidery Flower Quilt – Free Pattern


Hi everybody! How is your week going? Here we are still not fully in the rhythm, we are still in the holiday mood. I think that by next week we’ll be able to get back to normal, leave the celebrations behind and start another year. But that doesn’t mean we’re going to let you down and we’re here to share the Embroidery Flower Quilt.

Come check out this amazing model, an unusual pattern that resembles needlepoint floral embroidery. You will recreate using a subtle mix of solid fabrics on a darker background. To make this wonderful quilt you’ll join small squares, all the same size. Yes, you will need a little patience and a lot of concentration when putting them together and assembling the design.

But it is far from impossible to do and we are here to help and show you the way. Cutting and sewing are easy, although for the best result you have to match the seams perfectly when sewing the patches. The background of the quilt, this darker part highlights the design of the flowers even more. To make this you’ll need individual squares, not strips, to continue the look of embroidery. In the photos you can see that the chosen fabric has a texture.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Tildas World

These details make the embroidery effect on the piece even more expressive. As the squares are small, at least they are smaller than what I was used to using in the quilts, it is essential to iron the fabric before making the cutouts. It is much easier to cut, believe me. To make the embroidery flower quilt we do not recommend using printed fabrics. To have this beautiful effect, smooth fabrics are the best. You can change the colors, just remember to keep the contrast with the background.

There are many colors, but you don’t need a lot of each. Pins will be your best friends on this quilt, use as many as you need. Make one unit first as a test before going on to make the remaining units. To start, come and read the instructions available at Tildas World. Then just separate the materials and have fun quilting. For you, to gift or sell, this quilt will be a success.