Sweet Baby Hoodie – Free Pattern


Hi everybody! How good to start another week here together with you. How did you spend the weekend? Did you take the opportunity to rest, did you take the opportunity to make new pieces? Tell me. I managed to do a little bit of both. I rested and separated the patterns of the week. And for starters, come see the Sweet Baby Hoodie. Look how beautiful. That piece will make our little one very cozy and comfortable.

Crochet clothes have always been very well seen by moms. They are very comfortable, soft, warm clothes. If made with a thicker yarn, just a thinner blouse underneath is enough. They are very comfortable clothes that, when made in the right size, do not squeeze or restrict the movement of the little ones. And for that you will see the different sizes and measurements available in the pattern. I always like to remember that measurements can change from person to person.

The thickness of the yarn and the chosen crochet hook also make a lot of difference. To have the best possible performance, on the packaging you will find the manufacturer’s recommendations. Another care that we always like to emphasize is quality yarns.

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Babies are much more sensitive than we are, so it’s not something they can use. We already have a lot of variety of brands, colors and types of children’s yarns.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Yarnspirations

Always choose hypoallergenic ones, they are the best. They are versatile clothes too, fit for any occasion. You can make white to use for baptism, add some pearls. And that edge is a charm, both on the outfit and on the hood. Look how delicate the detail made on the female model is. The hem has a very cute frill and yes, it is described there in the step by step.

You can see that the sleeves and hood are sewn separately and then sewn together to form the sweet baby hoodie. In addition to all that, it’s a delight to crochet a baby outfit. How about we start this already? You have the pattern available at Yarnspirations.

Read the first time and the second if necessary and then just start crocheting.

   See also this free pattern “Sweethearts poncho”

Come on, tell us what you think and it’s time to crochet!