Fibonacci Barbie Clothes – Free Pattern


Hey loves! What a pleasure to meet you here. Another year that we are together, learning and sharing so many beautiful ideas, tips and inspirations. Come, stay here with us who have a lot of beautiful things for this week. Let’s start a little nostalgic, remembering the time when I made clothes for my dolls. This is Fibonacci Barbie Clothes.

If you have a little girl who loves to play with dolls and change her clothes, you can create this dress to leave even more dressing options for the little doll. Your daughter will love it and you still spend time making a very attractive craft. Do it too and make your daughter jump with happiness. And don’t think we’re talking about just one technique.

In today’s pattern we are going to learn how to crochet and knit dresses. These pieces are perfect for you who want to start a new handicraft, or have leftover materials from other projects, or want to please and make the little ones’ moments of play even more fun.

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If you are not very familiar with these techniques, the stitches are not difficult and you will get beautiful results. Just read the pattern, see what you need, choose quality materials, colors that match and that’s it.

Fibonacci Barbie Clothes // Love Crafts

If you need more tips, we’re here for you. We always remember that the colors used are very particular. You can swap and do with the ones you prefer. Take the opportunity to include the children at this time, to choose the colors, choose the model you are going to crochet or knit. There is still that, you can choose the technique that is more intimate, whichever you prefer to do.

In the pattern, the models are separated and have specifications according to the technique. I have more intimacy with crochet.

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The fact that I only use one needle makes my work a lot easier. And for you, which of the techniques is easier for you? Tell me here in the comments and see all Fibonacci Barbie Clothes submissions. And whenever you need anything else, you know you can count on us.