Crochet Jellyfish – Free Pattern


Hi everyone! Good to see you here. Ready to learn another crochet pattern? I know we bring a lot of stuff here. But it’s better to have a lot of options, to choose as you like. Today we are going to the origin of the amigurumi, the Crochet Jellyfish. Yes, this was one of the first successful amigurumis and popularized this type of craft. Crocheting has been around for a long time and is a very popular technique.

Like anything, it goes through ups and downs. But the amigurumis, even more so for those who make collections, make characters, there’s no way not to fall in love and always want one more. Did you know that the crochet octopus is an idea from Project Octo that came about in Denmark to soothe premature babies? The crochet octopus was created in Europe with the aim of helping prematurely born babies to feel safer and more comfortable in maternity incubators.

When the baby is born prematurely, the parents and all other health professionals responsible for this tiny human being seek all possible means to keep the child healthy.

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For those who accompany or have gone through this delicate moment, it is possible to say that, despite being so small and fragile, they are true warriors of life.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: LoveCrafts

The project, called Octo, started in 2013 in Denmark. A group sewing and donating these cute little aquatic animals to premature infants in neonatal intensive care units. The objective is that, when hugged, the octopuses convey a feeling of comfort. The tentacles (which must not exceed 22 centimeters) refer to the umbilical cord. Promote the impression of protection when they were still in the mother’s belly.

Amazing, isn’t it? Today, all over the world, many newborns are graced with small crochet octopuses made of 100% cotton. Articles, doctors and professionals claim that the little bug improves the respirator.

Also improve the cardiac systems and increases the levels of oxygen in the blood of these little warriors. Come and learn jellyfish crochet available at LoveCrafts.

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I am very passionate about this project, all the intention and the good it can do for others. Did you already know this story, how it came about?