Sweet pig amigurumi


Good afternoon my dear crochet girls, how are you? I hope that very well, today I will bring you a very cute amigurumi project, I’m sure you will love it.

The design is in pink, I particularly found it very delicate, and appropriate, but you can make it any color you want, because the model itself gives the amigurumi all the charm. It is fun, beautiful and very cool to be crocheted, it is worth paying attention to the whole project, I am sure you will unlock your creativity and fun with this step by step.

I always like to emphasize here on the blog, that the most important thing is that you vent your desires, because this blog is produced with great affection and respect for all followers, so your suggestion, opinion or constructive criticism serves us with a lot of motivation, so I kindly ask you to leave your message in the comments so that we can improve every day and fulfill your expectations regarding this crochet yarn craft, feel free to express yourself, as your opinion is very important to me .  

I do this job with a lot of love and attention to the followers of this blog, as I am a committed crochet artist and very motivated to spread the art of crochet around the world.

Crochet is a craft that can be done by anyone, you just need to, we have several patterns to motivate you to start a project today, I say today, because it is very important to start, regardless of what your project is, because the crochet is passionate, and with it, you learn to have constancy, discipline, better motor coordination, cerebral disposition, improvement of recent memory, an occupational therapy that brings gratitude to the end of each project, in short, there are several ways to leave your day better, more pleasant, so that you will feel more motivated in your daily routine.

Access The Free Pattern / Sweet pig amigurumi 

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We wish you all an excellent week, full of unmeasured blessings in your home, lots of health, peace, prosperity and especially several crochet patterns. A big hug and until the next post.