Good night my beloved friends, how are you today? I truly hope that you are great, today I will leave here on the blog for you a beautiful project of a crochet bag, with a suggestion of colors, which I believe you will like very much.

You have been asking me for different crochet patterns and I have been trying to find them completely, this one in particular comes with the perfect step by step, you will understand everything. This bag is very elegant, it can be sold, and it is also very easy to make, you will awaken the creativity in making it.

For us women, this bag will be an awakening for giants, because it is very beautiful, the beginner crochet can do it, I believe it will not have any difficulty. I always like to make it very clear here, that colors and always just a suggestion, you can create the combination that you think is best for your project, for each project I always say that, the creativity involved is worth more than the step by step in itself, as it is through the boldness in our crochet yarn craft projects that great and beautiful exclusive pieces emerge in this craft market.

For those who make an extra income from handicrafts or even live off the sale of crochet, this piece is an exclusive idea, as it is a practical bag to be crocheted, and very well designed, it is neither small nor too big, easy to make, and also will not take as much time in handling, the colors are at your pleasure, I always like to emphasize that pieces for sale should be differentiated, because those looking for handicrafts search for exclusivity, real art, and crochet shows us with each project that it is a true work of art.


As all of you are already bald to know I love to crochet, this yarn craft is very good for me, it releases a quality of life in me that I cannot explain correctly, because it is very well being, so I like to share it with you , to motivate you to crochet every day more, making your days lighter and happier.
Crochet is very good for relieving stress, it is very good for recent memory, it is very good for motor coordination, in short it is an excellent occupational therapy, so have fun crochet.

I wish you all an excellent week, full of good energy, peace, prosperity and especially many crochet patterns!

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