The Mabel Blanket 


Hello my dear followers, how are you feeling today? I would really like you to pay attention to this crochet yarn craft pattern that today I will leave here on the blog for you, it is a beautiful blanket with a suggestion of black and white color, a very versatile and very tasteful piece , I believe you will like it very much.

This crochet stitch is very easy to do and easy to understand, it comes with a very complete step by step, everything so that you can easily learn, the color suggestion is black and white, but this is a very particular thing of each crochet, therefore, make the color you want, what counts is your creativity and delivery in making your crochet yarn crafts, and as it is a blanket, a piece, which is not so small, has to be made according to your taste and your will, to make your environment more pleasant for you to enjoy.

This piece is a true classic of crochet yarn crafts, it is also an excellent idea for those who want to give a gift to someone, you can make a very extraordinary color combination and surprise those you love, I am sure you will love receiving a piece like this as a gift , I would particularly love it, I love exclusive gifts, and made with the hands of those who are going to give it, I think it is immensely delicate.

As we have all been going through these adversities worldwide, today I come to emphasize to you how important it is to stay active even though we are inside our homes, and the act of crochet helps us a lot, and for that reason, I invite all of you to comment on this handicrafts with other people in your life, I believe that you can help someone, who is at your side, with a simple message, because crochet yarn crafts is an occupational therapy ezimio, helps us in many ways to face our routine more lightly, and we believe that many people are in need of this right now, so be sure to spread the craft to the people you love and live with, you can be helping a lot.

Access The Free Pattern/ The Mabel Blanket 

There are already numerous researches that prove that crochet yarn crafts help in occupational therapy in people who are going through a crisis of depression, people who have suffered some psychological trauma, people who have an accident and have motor problems, in short, there are several benefits, in addition to doing a damned good to our day to day, so have fun while you crochet, you will be doing yourself good.

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We wish you all an excellent week, full of many threads, needles, crochet yarn craft patterns, creativity and daring to give and sell to anyone who can, peace and prosperity to all.
With love Iwant Crochet!