Twirling Ornaments Wall Hanging – Free Pattern


Hey loves! Here we are once again to bring you beautiful ideas and valuable tips for your crafts. A new year is starting and we already want to renew the decoration of the whole house. Are you like that too? Okay, maybe not all of them, but some major parts I have to change. It gives a new life, a new spirit for the new days to come. And if you’re also a quilting fan, you’ll love learning Twirling Ornaments.

Look at that beautiful model, with bright colors and cutouts that give the whole quilt a feeling of movement. And if you usually use them on furniture, on the bed, on the sofa, in an armchair, the suggestion is to use it as a wall hanging. If you thought quilts were only good for snuggling up to, then it’s time to set your sights on new empty spaces. According to the dictionary, a Wall Hanging is a large decorative piece of fabric or other material to be hung on the wall of a room.

But for quilters, it usually means a quilt made to be hung on the wall for display. As with bed quilts, you can think about the size you will need. First, keep in mind where you are going to place it. Measure the available space, see if the quilt fits well and matches the environment. A Wall Hanging adds texture and color to a room and can complement any home or office. As they are easy to put on and take off, you can use them as seasonal decorations.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: AccuQuilt

As well as themed quilts, special occasions, birthdays, celebrations. Everything will depend on the design of the wall hanging and the fabrics chosen. Then just start quilting. Worried about how to attach it to the wall? We have tips on that to share with you too. You can sew on sleeves that can add more color and new details to the quilt. Don’t want to do the sleeves? You can use self-adhesive strips. For that you’ll want one pair of strips for each of the two corners and then another every eighteen inches or so in the middle, to help support the weight and prevent sagging.

If a quilt is small and thin enough, you can consider framing it like a piece of artwork. Now that we have basic information that will make a lot of difference when decorating our home, shall we start? The twirling ornaments wall hanging pattern is available from AccuQuilt. You can download it for free and have access to all the details and instructions to complete the piece. Did you like it? Tell me here in the comments. We also want to know what you want to learn. Let’s make this year amazing, full of colors and crafts to brighten everything around.