Under the Tree Foundation – Quilt Pattern


Hi my loves! What a pleasure to have you here with me in another week. I am very happy to know that you remember us when you think of a new piece to do. Everything that I test and like, I come to share so that you can also do it. And now, with Christmas approaching, why not pass it on to handicrafts too? The Under the Tree Foundation is one of those, a very Christmassy piece perfect for your home too. Look what a beautiful and very delicate block.

With some gifts and a Christmas tree, you can use this pattern at other times as well. If you keep only the gifts, you can adapt it for other occasions. Here the highlight goes, in addition to the design of the piece, to the chosen fabric. See how delicate it is and how it comes with Santa Claus in the prints. We are used to seeing more vibrant colors at Christmas, but with this pattern you can see that the lighter colors look great too. 

Here the technique used is paper piecing. Have you ever made a pattern like this? It’s been a while since I started, I made about three pieces with this technique and I really liked the result. Paper Piecing, refers to sewing fabrics to a paper foundation to stabilize the quilt block due to unusual geometric shapes, small pieces or odd angles on a bias. Another version of this technique is Flip and Sew, where the fabrics and stitching are on top of the paper, or without paper.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: The Tattooed Quilter

Another method of Paper Piecing is called String Piecing. Small strips or pieces of leftover fabrics are sewn to one another through a paper foundation in a random manner. The paper foundation stabilizes the fabric, which is important when the fabric is not cut on the straight of the grain. Paper foundations can be drawn by the quilter, printed from a pattern or purchased already printed with the block design. The technique looks different, but the necessary materials are well known. Basic Sewing supplies, Rotary Mat and Cutter, tweezers. 

There are also products for Paper Piecing that are used to print the block design and they dissolve when the quilt is washed. Adding a quarter ruler is very helpful with Paper Piecing. I think all the basic tips you need to know are here. To check out the pattern, visit The Tattooed Quilter. Then come here and share with me what you thought. Did you like the combinations? Did you find similar fabrics out there? Tell me here in the comments. Come do the Under the Tree Foundation with me!