The Language of Color – Quilt Pattern


Hey loves! How is your week going? I hope to find everyone well, excited for another day, another pattern to learn with me. You know that shared ideas are suggestions of what you can do. Depending on the material you already have, you can make a beautiful piece without having to invest in any other materials. Come learn The Language of Color with me. A super colorful and vibrant panel that will surely be the highlight of any environment. 

Panel quilts are a little easier to make than quilts. That’s because you don’t do as many seams. We usually take much larger pieces of fabric and take advantage of their design to make combinations on the edge and then customize the piece. They are different models. I was used to quilt, doing the patchwork myself, piece by piece. But with this technique you can make new models, stay with me to learn. Fabric panels range from approximately 24” to 36” wide and 42” high. 

This is an average, not mandatory, a characteristic that must be strictly followed. You can use the panel as the center medallion of a quilt by adding numerous borders. This is the model that you will find the most, because the panel already brings a complete image. The edge comes to complement the colors and finish the piece. Use a fabric panel for the quilt center and add creative borders with easy blocks on one or two sides to keep it simple. It all depends on the fabrics you’re going to use, if it’s better to make cutouts or use it smooth and straight. 

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: My Favorite Quilt Store

Use a fabric panel for the quilt center and add an inspired border surrounding the panel that incorporates a theme/idea displayed on the panel. Use fabric panels in an imaginative way such as replacing one of the pieces. Following the instructions and measurements of the pattern, in the end you will have an 82” x 82” panel quilt. In the language of color, the main highlight, as the name suggests, are the colors. 

I’m a more discreet person, who prefers more discreet pieces too, but I must say that I was surprised by this panel quilt. It’s colorful and very cheerful. I had to make it and leave it in my room. With a piece like this, the rest of the decoration was very minimalist. Small details, very discreet and all the highlight for my work. And I couldn’t be more proud. Ready to make a panel quilt like this? The pattern is available at My Favorite Quilt Store.