African Flower with 8 petals


African Flower with 8 petals. Hello my dear Iwant Crochet blog readers, how are you feeling today? We truly hope that everyone is very motivated to start another beautiful crochet yarn craft project, because the piece I’m going to make available here today is a real work of art.

As a lot of you may know, the African Flower with 8 petals pattern is one of the most popular in crochet, because with this step by step you will be able to make the most diverse color combinations, and this piece is a classic, who has not done it yet, want to do, so if I were you I wouldn’t miss the opportunity to start today.

The walkthrough of African Flower with 8 petals is super complete, with a PDF description, three videos available to choose including color combinations, clear illustrative images, so you can see the crochet stitches well, in short, it’s all yours have so you can start and finish this beautiful piece of crochet. We believe you will find it very easy to do it.

In this pattern African Flower with 8 petals, we will leave a combination of colors that is a classic, one of the most made in our atelier, as it is a neutral color, which is good for both males and females, however, we always like to crimp , which are just suggestions, because what we here at the Iwant Crochet blog really want is to inspire you to create your own color combinations, as a good craftsman always gives his special touch to the piece.

This African Flower with 8 petals pattern is also an excellent choice for professional artisans, it’s really worth having such a piece in your collection, as it is a classic project, it becomes very salable, and if you do it in color neutrals, it’s even easier to sell, it’s always a good suggestion.

Some of you have been asking us about the values ​​for the sale of crochet yarn craft items, and as I’ve commented on in previous posts, it’s very complex for us at the Iwant Crochet blog to measure the resale value of your pieces, by place where you will market, by the line you are going to use, then, the least we can help, and suggest, that you calculate the cost of the materials spent to make the part, and add thirty percent for the time and labor involved. But remembering this, it’s just a suggestion, it’s up to you, how, where and when you should sell your pieces.

We would like to thank all of you, our dear readers, for the countless messages received, you are our daily inspiration and motivation, we are eternally grateful for all of you, and we also want to say that our intention is only to spread the word about crochet yarn crafts to as many people as possible, so that more and more people are impacted with this craft, just like us.

See how to make African Flower with 8 petals:

Access the free pattern/ African Flower with 8 petals

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We wish all our beloved readers a blessed week, full of God’s grace and mercy in their homes, and filled mainly with many, many patterns and threads to make the most beautiful pieces of crochet yarn crafts.
With great affection, Iwant Crochet!