Baby Cardigan


Good night my dear crochet girls, it is with great affection and respect that I come to bring you a baby cardigan post today.

Guys, this pattern is very cute, you will love doing it I am absolutely sure. The step by step is on video, which will make your life much easier, bringing in the details what you need to know.

The project is in the white color line, but you can do it in the colors you want, after all, what counts most in being a crochet hook is creativity, so, dare, the more daring your projects are, the more valuable they become. 

I always like to point out here on the blog, that all of our patterns are free and you can look on the site for the patterns that you like to crochet the most, as we have patterns of all levels, you just need to scan the posts, that you will identify with some, I’m sure.

I want to thank all of you who interact daily with me on the blog, I have received beautiful messages through your comments, which makes me even more motivated to seek new standards, and even more defined than you expect from the blog, it is very beautiful receive images of projects that you do taking the pattern from the blog here, because this blog is made for all followers, at all levels of crochet, beginner, medium, advanced or professional, this blog is made for those who want to crochet, simple as that . 

And every time I get feedback from you, I’m very happy, because it’s through you that I can interact with projects from the suggestions that come from you, bringing content that really pleases you.

This pattern today can also be made for the sale of crochet, as it is a classic, there is no way to dislike it, it is delicate, an elegant stitch, and any baby will look beautiful.

And always remembering that for those who sell crochet, it is worth mentioning that handicrafts are very profitable, as they are exclusive pieces.

Access The Free Pattern / Baby Cardigan

The video portrays exactly how it is the standard, you will have no difficulty making it, dare in the colors, don’t just stay, in white, pink or baby blue, nowadays the more modern, the more valued the piece becomes, making the project ideally unique .

I wish you all an excellent week, full of good things, positive energies, thoughts of self-esteem, peace, prosperity and many crochet yarn craft projects.

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