Flower-wave stitch


Good morning my crochet friends, how nice to be able to interact a little with you through this crochet yarn craft, as you all already know I love to crochet, this hobby caught me in a way, I can’t stop it anymore, just finish a project that I already I start another, even more sharing projects with you, it becomes more and more interesting to crochet.

Today I’m going to leave here a very cool crochet stitch in the post, I’m sure you will love it, a real cuteness, I really liked doing it, practical, easy and quick to be crocheted.

This point is called flower-wave, it is a delicacy, the step by step is very complete, I am sure you will have no difficulty doing it. I always recommend here on the blog before starting any project to start with good spirits and lots of fun, after all for the hobby to be a real hobby, it has to be fun. 

For professional crocheters it is also an excellent tip, it is a diversified project, because you can dare in colors, in mixed lines, and several other projects can also be interacted, as this point can also be used in detail, it will depend only daring and creativity.

Crochet is a handicraft that changes all the time, as it is an age-old manual work, every decade projects are reinventing themselves, which makes us increasingly motivated to create new ways to diversify our crochets, even those which already has a certain date, after all, nothing better than a customization and modernization of the pieces. We are at a time when the interior designer is very up, so many professionals in the area are investing a lot in crochet in a modern way, leaving the commercial and domestic environments well decorated, stylish, and more cozy. 

This point is also widely used for napkins for decorating the dining table, bath and face towel spouts, and also for tablecloth center, giving a modern air in the details. However, what really counts is your creativity and boldness in crochet, so I always emphasize here on the blog, fun is everything in a hobby, the more you have fun, the more you will unfold your creativity and the more beautiful your handiwork becomes . 

Access The Free Pattern / Flower-wave stitch

Well, I want to wish you all an excellent weekend, full of joy, achievements and good energy, accompanied mainly by many projects, stitches, threads and crochet hooks.

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Share crochet yarn crafts with as many people as you can, let others know how great and good it is to crochet, empathize and make more people happy!