Christmas Tree Quilt – Free Pattern


Hello my loves! What a pleasure to have you here with us for another week. We will bring a lot of amazing things to learn together and make our home even more amazing. Are you already feeling a different atmosphere in the environment? Here, Christmas is coming. And the patterns couldn’t be different, so today we’re going to learn the Christmas Tree Quilt. 

A super delicate, colorful quilt that deviates a little from the traditional tones that we are so used to, but refers to this very special date. Christmas always arrives months before December, especially for those who have a source of income in handicrafts. We need to leave the model of our parts ready in advance, to offer and give more options to our customers. If you don’t do it to sell, it’s worth starting a little earlier too. 

Close to such important dates as Christmas, the materials in stores are running out and we are left without many options. Regardless of the goal, Christmas arrives with this feeling of gratitude, of unity between people and the promise of better days. We get together with family and friends and have a good time together. To get in the mood, home decor is essential and for that you can make your own decorations. 

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Diary of a Quilter

Quilts are already part of several environments and at Christmas you can’t let them out. The model we brought are blocks with different Christmas trees, green, red, pink, and with different prints. Reading the pattern you will realize that it is a simple quilt to make. Straight cuts and seams, in addition to repeating the same design several times. It’s always a great opportunity to rummage through the box of scraps you might have lying around and find fabrics that match the theme to reuse them.

For a throw-size quilt (about 56″ x 72″ + a border), you will need 64 blocks. I know it looks and is a lot, but the ease of making the block makes the work simpler and faster. Accessing Diary of a Quilter, you will see the Christmas Tree Quilt video tutorial. Watch it for the first time, separate the materials and start feeling the Christmas atmosphere that is already among us.