Wrapped with Joy Quilt – Free Pattern


Hi loves! Good to see you here again. We are very happy to know that you remember and come looking for us when you want to learn a new pattern. And that’s what we’re here for, separating and testing new models to share with you. Wrapped with Joy is another quilt model that you will love. With darker, discreet tones, this quilt is very elegant and timeless, you can use it on different occasions and commemorative dates. 

Do you already do quilting there? If not, don’t worry, the pattern is not difficult and comes with all the information for cutting and sewing. But we’ll give you some tips right here, stay with us until the end. When choosing fabrics, pay attention to quality. It doesn’t have to be the most expensive fabric in the store, but it should withstand a few washes, keep its color and shape. 

If in the pattern you choose very dark colors with light fabrics, wash the dark ones first to remove excess ink, then start cutting. Once dry, iron the fabric to make it smooth and make it easier to mark, cut and sew. The cutting part is very important and several precautions must be taken. When making the markings, do it on the wrong side of the fabric. So even if the scratches don’t come off, it won’t show up in your quilt. 

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: All People Quilt

Start with the larger snips, because if something goes wrong, you can still take advantage of the smaller snips. Cut out all the pieces before starting to sew, do it in stages. It gets easier and you optimize your time, not having to stop in the middle of an activity. Do you have the habit of doing any of these tips? Tell us here in the comments.

The wrapped with joy has Christmas colors and is perfect for the season, even though it is discreet. If you like the pattern, but want to make it more Christmassy, ​​you can change the colors, choose more vibrant tones. There are many ideas that come up as you practice a little more. In stores too, there are many fabric ideas that help us when it comes to matching. You can also see the fabrics that were used, along with the pattern in All People Quilt. We hope you like it and have an amazing quilting experience.