Good afternoon my dear crochet girls, what an honor to have you here, I love to share with you all these amazing crochet experiences.

As you all already know, I am passionate about crochet yarn crafts, and today I come to bring a very cool and fun project to be made, something simple, but very pleasing to the eye, I’m sure
that everyone will love crocheting it.

Today’s pattern is completely free and complete, there will be some images to be inspired, but I like to tell everyone that the important thing in crochet is to please yourself, do only projects that give you pleasure, the craftsmanship shows our mood very much , then, do something that inspires and motivates you. 

Today’s step by step is a beautiful and colorful crochet rug, made in separate pieces and joined at the end of the work, which I sincerely prefer, as it makes the rug lighter to be crocheted and does not weigh or tire your hands along of work.

Access The Free Pattern / CHUNKY HEXIE CROCHET RUG

Feel free to dare in colors, this rug can be made for any environment, both commercial and domestic, and you can dictate the ideal size for your crochet. 

I used this project for my living room, or tv room, I don’t know what you like to call it, because as my room is in beige and pastel tones, the colorful carpet gave the place a modern and cheerful air. So, use your creativity, because it can be done in the way and way you prefer.
It is also very interesting this rug for the bed around the bedroom, because it can be made smaller to be used on the sides and larger for the feet of the bed. This is just a few personal ideas, feel free to create your own projects.

And taking advantage of the moment I want to thank everyone for the dear messages that I have received, this work is always more interesting when you iterate with me, leaving here in the comments your suggestions, opinions and even your constructive criticisms, because I make this blog with great affection and respect for all my dear crochet guys on duty. Therefore, everyone’s opinion is very relevant for me to choose the best posts for you, because it is through the interaction of everyone that I can improve every day the content you want to see here.

I wish you all an excellent week, full of prosperity, love, hope and especially many crochet projects!

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Share crochet yarn crafts with as many people as you can, let others know how great and good it is to crochet, empathize and make more people happy!