Dandelion Summer Top


Good morning my dear friends, it is with great affection that I come to bring you today a step by step which is a real delicacy. You can believe it is a piece that we should all have in the wardrobe, truly classic.

 First of all, I want to thank everyone who has commented on my posts, leaving their suggestions, ideas to build my work and also constructive criticism, because with every comment here on the blog I feel very satisfied, this makes me more and more motivated to bring you quality patterns, and especially with content focused on what you want to see why. Your opinion is what counts most in my work, so be sure to share your crochet tastes and desires with me!

In today’s project we will see a simple point, but very elegant and delicate, leaving the piece unique, as in the pattern I suggest a classic color, but you can dare with other colors or even a blended line to give a more modern look to the piece , this is up to you, I only make suggestions here, I leave you the boldness and creativity in each project.


I always like to emphasize that in crochet, the more fun you have in crochet, the more beautiful your projects become, as this yarn craft is wonderfully stress-free, because along with work we also end up doing occupational therapy. Then take care of creativity and have fun.


This step by step is very easy to be crocheted, you will love doing it, a classic model, but it can be used in contrast to a modern piece to make your look completely elegant.

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For those who sell crochet pieces it is a wonderful creation, because you can make it in different sizes and colors, and because it is made individually adds a lot of value to each piece.

I always like to point out that for the sale of crochet, it is necessary to have a discernment of what colors your customers like best, whether they are classic or the most daring, but it is worth having a little of each in stock, because sometimes customers has no idea how beautiful a classic model with colorful colors looks, so it is better to have at least one piece for the customer to view. 

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Well girls, I will leave you here the complete step by step, I wish you all an excellent week, full of positive energies and lots of crochet.