Sunbonnet Sue Goes to the Fair Quilt


Hello loves! Today we are going to share another beautiful quilt model with you. The Sunbonnet Sue Goes to the Fair is a children’s model, full of details, delicacy and charm. Impossible not to fall in love with these patterns, they are new ideas that always find a place in the decoration of the environment. Here we will suggest a new way to use it, as a crib quilt. Already know? If you have little ones in the family, surely you must have heard about it.

In addition to bringing coziness and keeping the baby warm on the coldest days, the crib quilt also brings a differential to the decoration of the environment. The accessory can highlight the classic inspiration of the baby’s room or even promote a super modern mood. So, in addition to checking the quality and softness of the piece, the family can also choose a piece with a bold design. During the first few months of life, the baby spends most of its time sleeping.

Therefore, the crib should be a cozy, safe and conducive environment for the little one to rest. Even in the hottest seasons, the crib quilt is a must-have item in the trousseau. After all, it is necessary to protect the baby from sudden changes in temperature. Also when the family uses air conditioning. In the crib, the quilt can also help support the little one and bring more charm to the piece of furniture.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Quilting Daily

In addition, the accessory also helps to protect the sheet game from dust accumulation. Just have a quilt always stretched over the crib, to keep the baby’s corner always clean and cozy. And, of course, the quilt will accompany the family on outings and trips, to ensure the baby’s comfort and protection in any weather condition. The main requirement is comfort for the quilts. So the quilts must be covered in 100% cotton fabric, so as not to run the risk of the baby having allergies.

If you find pieces made from other fabrics, make sure they are hypoallergenic. When it’s time to choose the style, unleash your creativity. There is no shortage of color options and prints for crib quilts. But our tip is to be inspired by the theme of the baby’s room decor, after all, the piece must match the crib kit. If the theme is beautiful dolls, this pattern is more than perfect. Come check out the tips in Quilting Daily. Remembering that this is just an indication, the sunbonnet sue goes to the fair will look beautiful anywhere.