Good afternoon my crochet darlings on duty, today I’m going to leave a very delicate pattern here, easy to be made, and very fun, something very motivating for you to start a new project.

This pattern has a very complete step by step, full of illustrative images, and with many suggestions of colors and threads for you, something that will make you happy to crochet, it is a very beautiful and easy to learn square, we classify it in level beginner, I’m sure everyone will have an easy time learning.

Because it is an individual piece, you can do it all in squares, or just a few details in square, it will make you want to diversify the pattern or not, I always like to emphasize here, that everything we put is just suggestions, because we know that the works of art come from you. 


This crochet piece is a very salable piece, something that can be made for men or women, so whoever makes crafts to sell is an excellent option. Because it is a differentiated square, I believe it will greatly enhance your work, and for those who like to make croquettes just for hobby, it is a great idea to present someone we love, a very different and loving piece, I am absolutely sure that everyone will like to receive a square blanket as a gift, right?

We have received many suggestions and requests for different blankets for the decoration of rooms, this one, by the way, is an excellent suggestion, because it is a very creative square, also very delicate, it will look great, with a sofa blanket decoration, like a bedspread for double or single beds, or even a blanket to warm up, with a warmer thread, suitable for the cold, so my friends, there are many ideas for you to start now a new piece of crochet yarn crafts. 

Access The Free Pattern / HOPE SQUARE 

I believe that such a piece is of great value for those who sell crochet yarn crafts, since you will be able to crochet it in different colors and sizes, and remember, dare in your crochet projects, because those looking for crafts, search for exclusivity, therefore, the more elaborate your pieces are, the more valuable they will be, have fun crochet, never forget this essential detail.

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We wish you all an excellent week, full of much love, affection, happiness, peace, prosperity and especially many crochet patterns.