Vintage Sampler Blanket


Good morning my crochet friends, how are you feeling this morning? I truly hope that you are motivated to start a new crochet pattern, as I come to bring you a beautiful cover, a piece that you cannot miss in your wardrobe.

This crochet blanket is very different, as they are squares of the same size, but with different details, you will be delighted when you see the images, just by looking, already wanting to grab and hug this blanket, because it is very cute. comes with a suggestion of colors, shards and needles, but it will suit your taste, follow the step by step, or differentiate the piece.

All images are merely illustrative, but very clear, so that you feel safe to start another beautiful piece of crochet yarn crafts. I’m in love with crochet blanket, I’ve made some, and I always want more, especially with an idea like that of the new pattern. This blanket is truly charming, I believe that everyone will like it, mainly because it is very easy to make, its handling is very simple and light, as it is crocheted in parts and only at the end is grouped. So my loves, you will find it very easy to do it, so you can dare in colors and lines of your taste.  

We want to thank you all for the last months that you have been with us, we have received several images of you, of your pieces, and we are very happy, this simple gesture motivates us not to stop looking for new things for you, your interaction with us is very cool, because it is through it that we know what you like most to see in our posts, so beloved ones do not fail to communicate with us, your work has become more and more beautiful, and professional, something that makes us truly proud of our followers, we love you, we love our work, and you have provided us with incredible moments, because with each photo we receive from you, our heart is filled with gratitude, and we will embed more differentiated patterns so that you do not lose motivation in crochet, this interaction is very rewarding for us on the blog, because the word that defines us towards our followers is, GRATITUDE! 

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We wish you all an excellent week, full of blessings without measure, peace, prosperity, happiness, love, affection, affection, and especially many, many crochet patterns. Crochet is too good!