The Bagrielle Snuggy – Free Pattern


Hi everyone, nice to have you here with us. Here, at I Want Crochet, you will always find new ideas and amazing patterns, with all the tips to keep making these beautiful projects. But tell me, how are you? I hope to find them well, healthy and willing to crochet.

The Bagrielle Snuggy. Today we brought a beautiful sweater to share with you. It’s that perfect item to wear on colder days. An outfit that embraces people because of how comfortable it is. Crochet is that technique that is comfortable for those who do it, who receive it and who use it.

Handmade clothes are quite versatile, combining with many proposals and providing unique details. You can always add details and accessories that make the skin even more personalized. They also have a comfortable feel and fit to warm up and compose amazing productions.

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The Bagrielle Snuggy // Love Crafts

A lot of this concerns the yarn you choose. When we want a warmer sweater, thicker yarns are recommended. As well as thinner ones for a lighter sweater. Regardless of which yarn, choose a quality producer. We don’t want a sweater that doesn’t last for a long time. Remember that the thickness of the yarn interferes with its performance as well. To get a sweater that’s the right size, I recommend measuring as you go through the rounds.

   See also free pattern “Cinnamon Swirl Hat and Scarf”

See in the pattern the amount of stitches to make the size you want. Then check if the measurements are close. Following this way you can easily make changes and have a comfortable sweater. As much as it is a durable item, remember that it is still a handmade item. Preferably by hand washing and without chlorine products. So, let’s crochet? Then come tell us what you think here in the comments.