Bear Security Blanket Teddy – Free Pattern


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Bear Security Blanket Teddy. First of all, tell me how you are. I hope to find them healthy and excited to spend another day together. So, let’s crochet? We have separated a very incredible pattern and I think you will enjoy every tip that is there.

Crocheting brings comfort to those who do it, who receives it and who is using the item. And the bear security blanket is no different. Here we have a beautiful blanket with a teddy bear, an amigurumi together. In addition to distracting the little ones, this could be that blanket they will always carry with them.

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Bear Security Blanket Teddy // Ravelry

When we talk about baby items, it’s almost impossible not to remember crochet. With this technique we can make comfortable and very cozy projects for the little ones. Here the chosen yarn is not very thick. You find the indication in the pattern, but this is just an indication. As for the colors too, you can see some variations in the photos.

   See also free pattern “Sunny the Elephant Amigurumi”

We are talking about an item for babies, so we recommend using anti-allergic yarns. Little ones’ skin is more sensitive and that might be the best choice. In this pattern you can see that the bear has two beads for eyes. Make sure they are well sewn before giving them to the little ones. This item is perfect for gifting your children. They will love it. Wassup let’s get started? After reading the pattern and choosing your materials, it’s time to crochet. Come on, tell me what you think here in the comments.