Unicorn Amora


Unicorn Amora. Hello my beloved readers, the blog Iwant Crochet has the immense pleasure of leaving you all today with a beautiful crochet unicorn, called blackberry, folks, this step-by-step is very easy to do, and mainly it’s perfect, and it’s cute, I believe that you will not only have a lot of fun doing it, but you will also feel very proud after the piece is finished, as it is a real delicacy.

Unicorn Amora comes with a complete walkthrough, with descriptive PDF, clarifying images, suggested color combinations, threads and needles, everything to facilitate the performance while crochet, I believe you will find it easy to do it, this pattern is from Intermediate level, but if you are a determined beginner, I think you will also succeed, as the walkthrough is very complete and easy to be interpreted.

If you are a visitor here on our Iwant Crochet blog, feel free to browse and find the pattern that best suits you at the moment, we have all levels of patterns, beginner, intermediate, advanced and professional, all are free and complete, this blog has the sole purpose of promoting crochet yarn craft to as many people as possible, as all employees are volunteers and crochet yarn craft practitioners, so we want to make it as easy as possible for you to learn and perform while crochet.

I’m sure that if you look, you’ll find a crochet piece that will be just like you, just browse the blog, we have countless options. And remember, don’t forget to have fun during the process, this is the main part.

I want to thank all our dear followers, for the many messages and images received from your completed works, as it is this interaction that motivates the Iwant Crochet team, it is very gratifying to receive your feedback, as it is through them that we know what they are the crochet yarn craft patterns that you want to see around here, and our desire is to respond to everyone in the best way possible, as this hobby is our life, and we want to spread it to the whole world, as we know the various benefits does the act of crocheting give all of us mere human beings, let’s crochet and have fun? Join this wave you too.

See now below how to make Unicorn Amora:

Access The Free Pattern/ Unicorn Blackberry

● yarn in two colors (colors 1 and 2);
● crochet hook according to the yarn weight you are using (I used at 3.25 mm);
● stitch markers;
● pins;
● polyester fiber;
● scissors;
● tapestry needle;
● embroidery floss.;
● fabric or crochet flowers for the head;
● hot glue and hot glue gun (or any other glue that works for fabrics);
● blush (for makeup);
● small brush (for makeup) or cotton swab.

inc – increase
dec – invisible decrease
ch – chain
sl st – slip stitch
sc – single crochet
mr – magic ring
( ) total number of stitches at the end of each round
Giraffe size:
With the materials I used, my unicorn was approximately 7.5”/20 cm (horn to foot).
Always remember to crochet in rounds. Use the stitch marker at the end of each round.

Using color 2.
1) 6 sc in the mr (6)
2) sc around (6)
3) [2 sc, 1 inc] x2 (8)
4) sc around (8)
5) [3 sc, 1 inc] x2 (10)
6) sc around (10)
7) [4 sc, 1 inc] x2 (12)
8 and 9) sc around (12)
Fasten off leaving a long tail for sewing. Stuff it with polyester fiber.

Make two. Using color 1.
1) 5 sc in the mr (5)
2) sc around (5)
3) 5 inc (10)
4 to 8) sc around (10)
Fasten off leaving a long tail for sewing.

Make two. Using color 1.
1) 6 sc in the mr (6)
2) [1 sc, 1 inc] x3 (9)
3 to 12) sc around (9)
Fasten off leaving a long tail for sewing. Don’t stuff it.

Access the complete pattern above.  ⤴

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We wish all our dear readers a blessed week, full of the grace and mercy of God, that in our homes peace may dwell in every way, and especially that we never lack lines to start whenever possible a good and delicate project of crochet yarn craft.
With love, Iwant Crochet!